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Research IT


At your service, a team of research IT professionals

Our mission is to support academic research in various fields of science by utilising the full potential of modern information technology.

Services for researchers, units and projects

The core of our services at Research IT are built around software development, high-performance computing, data management and technologies designed for a wide range of laboratory environments.

In the recent history, for example, we’ve had the opportunity to work in projects ranging from text analysis of law-making documentation to visualising data from a buoy in the Baltic Sea.

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University Services

We are also working in cooperation with university research administration and the library and following with a keen eye the development of national services for researchers.

For the university, we’re developing a university wide research data infrastructure and data management services.


Our team has a diverse background, coming from not only technical fields but also from humanities and social sciences, with degrees ranging from bachelors to doctors.

We are located on the University Hill, in the 4th floor of the Agora building, where we share the premises with the Department of Future Technologies.

Please feel free to drop by or contact our team via phone or email. You can find our contact info in the Team page.

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