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Data Services


Our current research data management services are listed below. Starting from 2019, a new research data platform will be developed, which will also diversify the service offering and strengthen the data team.

Research Data Management

Data engineering

  • Data architecture and¬†governance
  • Data gathering and storing
  • Database design and database management
  • Master data management
  • Data security management

Data quality management

  • Data cleansing
  • Data consistency
  • Data validation
  • Data conversions

Assistance in data analysis

  • Data mining
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualisation

(e.g. with Python, R, SPSS)

Metadata management

  • Descriptive metadata
  • Technical metadata
  • Administrative¬† metadata

The staff involved in providing our data management services have training in various fields of science, combined with computer science, mathematics and statistical studies.

For more information on our data services, you can reach our data team at

Additional Services from CSC:

Computing services

CSC has super computers Sisu and Taito, that are well-suited for tasks demanding very powerful computational resources. TaitoGPU offers more than 100 GPU processors for GPU calculation. Taito and TaitoGPU can be used directly or through the Pouta cloud service of CSC.

Further information:

cPouta and ePouta are cloud services that use the IaaS approach (infrastructure as a service). The user gets use of a virtual computer that can be used e.g. for running a web service or performing scientific calculation using the super computer Taito. The services and all the data stored in them stay in Finland. cPouta is meant for normal use, ePouta supports the use of sensitive data and it has a higher level of security. Both services are available for commercial use for a fee.

Further information:

CSC offers many kinds of networked grid computing environments

CSC computing services have a comprehensive software library that offers tools especially for bio sciences, linguistics, physics and mathematics.

Data management services

The IDA service can be used for storing stable data that can be distributed freely or in a limited way. Sensitive or confidential data should not be stored in IDA. A service for storing sensitive data has been under development for several years in CSC, but the release date has not been announced yet.

PAS offers a way for archiving data for a long period of time, even decades. Funet Filesender can be used for transferring large files over the internet.

The Rahti service is in beta stage. It is a cloud-based heavy-duty web-service platform that can be used simultaneously by multiple users and it can balance load between multiple servers and handle error situations. Rahti works on top of the cPouta cloud. Currently it works in a restricted way but a full version will be published soon.

CSC supports many different data storage and management services. Further information:

Support for the services

Documentation and tutorials of CSC services can be found here:

Research administration

CSC publishes a large number of statistics on research performed in Finland. It also keeps a database of research infrastructures in Finland.

For more information on different computing services, contact the IT service architect Jussi Salmi at