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Networking and events


Join our network!

Send us an email at softdev@utu.fi

Mailing list and Slack workspace

Our network already has researchers from various fields and we welcome anyone interested in utilising the latest digital technologies in their research. We also consult our network when designing new services and joining the list you’ll get a fast-track opportunity to influence long term development of research-related IT services.

We also have a Slack workspace, where we welcome software developers working in faculties and research projects to join our community.

To join the mailing list or Slack channel, send us an email at softdev@utu.fi.

Tailored trainings

The Research IT unit can provide tailored training sessions for units of University of Turku on a number of topics. For more information, send us an email at softdev@utu.fi.

Here are some examples:

Scrum and agile leadership

  • Scrum in nutshell
    • Scrum roles
    • Scrum events
    • Scrum artifacts
    • Scrum values
  • Agile leadership
    • principles
      • communication, commitment, collaboration
    • self-managed teams
    • adaptiveness, innovativeness, creativeness
    • being resilient

Research data management

  • Privacy and security of research data
  • Storage of research data
  • Metadata
  • Sharing of digital research data

IT Services for researchers

  • Data storages
  • Virtual servers
  • Databases
  • REDCap
  • Services
    • software development
    • data services
    • laboratory services

Trainings by CSC

CSC support the Finnish universities, research institutes and government by offering intensive courses, workshops, and other events that cover topics from bleeding-edge technologies¬†to widely used methods and other useful practical skills in IT. Most CSC’s courses are free of charge (or at least very low cost) for Finnish universities, polytechnics and state research institutes.

>> CSC Webinars and Trainings