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Take a look at the selection free, university-licensed and orderable software in the University of Turku or browse through Finland’s largest scientific software collection, provided by CSC:

University of Turku Software Catalog

List of scientific software by CSC


Tailored software for your research project needs from our in-house software development team, for example: web pages, web applications, or mobile apps. We rely strongly on the agile principles and open-source software components and technologies. Our strongest expertise covers, for example: PHP, Python, NodeJS, Java, Html, Css, XML, JavaScript, React, MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL, WordPress, and Drupal.

The best result is achieved when scientists contact our development team at an early stage, before applying for funding. This allows us to take into account all your needs and make a realistic budget that covers both software development and maintenance costs. We also help in purchasing software development from external vendors.

We also invite software developers from various departments or research groups at the University of Turku to join our team’s Slack channel. Developers working alone will thus get involved in the developers’ community, learn about the university’s internal rules and guidelines, and have opportunity to discuss the challenges they face with other software professionals. You can also come to discuss issues related to software architecture, modern working methods, deployment requirements and practices with our developers.

For more information, you can reach our software development team through softdev@utu.fi.



Graduate School Information System

UGIS digitalizes the life cycle of doctoral training while offering a unified platform containing services and instructions.

Following a pre-determined life cycle enables the digitalization and automatization of various processes such as collecting information for reporting.


Suomipassi – Finnish language passport

Mobile app

The aim of Suomipassi is to encourage Finnish language learners to use Finnish more outside the classroom in daily situations and to support them in the early stages of their Finnish language learning.


ICT Skill Test

Test instrument

ICT Skill Test is a research tool that can be used to present a variety of surveys and practical tasks from different types of multiple-choice questions to interactive/simulative tasks.

ICT Skill Test has been in use since 2016 in the following research projects of Research Unit for the sociology of education (RUSE): Comprehensive school in digital age and Occupational restructuring challenges competencies.