Turku EyeLabs Experts on Call

Turku EyeLabs Experts on Call on Nov 9th – Introduction to eye-tracking as a research method

Turku EyeLabsin experts are giving introductions on eye-tracking equipment and giving examples on eye-tracking as a research method for various disciplines on Nov 9 in Publicum room 211.

Experts are available to meet from 9AM to 1PM – come and get to know the gear and bounce ideas around your research question with the experts!

Could eye-tracking methodology help with answering your research questions?

Eye tracking enables us to record in detail how we target our visual attention. It is used to study text reading and comprehension, scene perception, music reading and social interaction, among other topics, and the applications of the method are increasing rapidly.


On Friday, Nov 9 the coordinators (Marjaana Puurtinen & Tuomo Häikiö) of the Turku Eye-tracking Laboratories are on call. Please pop in and test eye-tracking equipment. The coordinators are happy to answer all kinds of questions about the method and help you in deciding if it could be of help in your research.

Equipment available for testing:

  • Tobii Glasses 2 (wearable eye-tracking glasses)
  • Tobii X3-120 Eye Tracker (mobile eye tracker, attachable to a laptop or a computer screen)
  • EyeLink Portable Duo (a high-accuracy eye tracker, used with a laptop)

All Turku EyeLabs equipment: please see www.utu.fi/turkueyelabs

For more information, please contact marjaana.puurtinen@utu.fi.